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Folk Drama

Apart from the four main dance forms, folk drama and dances are also very popular in Sri Lanka. Owing to its long, rich history, Sri Lanka endows exquisite folk arts evolving through the course of time which has refined its culture to be unique and precious heritage of the nation. In many ways, Sri Lankan folk art is an inspiration of its long and lasting Buddhist tradition which in turn absorbed and adopted according to the regional and local traditions.

Concept of folk dancing and drama in Sri Lanka originated in fear of natural power, which people regarded as the supernatural building. Sri Lankans are artistic people who enjoy music, dance and art in everything they do. The traditional agricultural life style made people come together to help each other in work. The gatherings for work created a nice atmosphere for folk dance and music. Some of the famous folk dances and drama we can see today are Leekeli (stick Dance), Harvest Dance, Kala Dance ( Water Ceremony) Sokari, kolam, Veval Dance (Cane Dance ) and Nadagam
style drama.