Welcome to the home page of Sri Lanka Dance Academy. We are a Wellington New Zealand based charity primarily focusing on promoting Sri Lankan traditional dancing in New Zealand.

And other related activities such as drumming, aerobics classes and social western dancing for adult. We organise various fundraising event which consist of both tradition an current activities for everyone to enjoy.


We are the community and we are supported by the community. Join our next production or fund raiser by simply contacting members around you.

Our Goals
* Keeping alive cultural values
* Supporting veteran artists
* Harnessing young talent
* Fostering the artistic talent
* Promoting indigenous arts
* Promoting
artists internationally

Our Primary Activities
* Aerobics Classes
* Art Workshops
* Dancing Classes
* Drumming Classes
* Social Dancing Classes
Our Dance Styles
* Kandyan
* Bharata Natyam
* Folk Drama
* Low Country
* Sabaragamuwa
* Up Country